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Artwork Specifications

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EPS - Encapsulated Post Script

AI - Adobe Illustrator

PDF - Adobe PDF

SVG - Scalable Vector Graphic

PSD - Adobe Photoshop

JPG - High Resolution JPEG

TIFF - High Resolution TIFF

Export Format

When Exporting your files look at the chart to the left and see which files are accepted.

Vector Files

These files are line art, scalable to any size and never lose resolution, image will stay clean and crisp. We always recommend files be sent to us in vector format.


The printer uses CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). If a Pantone color or other specific color is needed, please let us know when you submit the order. If files are submitted in RGB, colorshifting may occur. For projects where exact color matching is needed, we can use our spectrophotometer to match that specified color. An additional fee will be charged for this process.

Cut/Contour Lines

Cut contour lines are the ARTBOARD perimeter by default. For square cut projects, make the artboard size the finished project size. For projects that have a contour cut: create an outline representing how you want it cut with a 0.25 inch stroke. Place this on a new layer, rename the layer “CutContour”, make it a spot color (C=0, M=100, Y=0, K=0) and place on the top layer of your artboard.

Registration and Trim Marks

Please do not add registration or trim marks to your artwork.


When submitting files be sure you have converted all fonts to OUTLINES. HOW TO DO THIS : Go to the toolbar and click on the “Type” menu. Click on the “Create Outlines” button.


Borders are able to be printed but not recommended since borders vary from batch to batch and in effect make exact cuts difficult. We will not reprint an order with borders of varying widths.


Please DELETE any additional layers that do not contain print or cut contour lines.


Please add 0.25 inch bleed on any cut contour materials. Margins are NOT necessary. Keep in mind that TEXT should have a minimum margin of 0.5 inch from the border.


If submitting these files, Please follow these guidelines:
100% scale (full size output) at 100 dpi
50% scale at 200 dpi or higher
25% scale at 300 dpi or higher
10% scale at 600 - 1200 dpi recommended

For files that are too large to send via e-mail, please upload them here: