What is a proof and why is it important that I look at it?

In printing terms, a proof is a digital copy of what the artwork file should look like when printed. It is your last and best opportunity to make sure the print job comes out the way you want. By carefully inspecting the proof, you can help us assure an accurate, flawless delivery of your print job on the first run. When an artwork proof is selected we check to make sure the artwork file is set up properly for print which includes adding hemming, grommet marks, and cut contour lines (if needed/selected). We are NOT responsible for checking over the quality, information, spelling, grammar, etc. We do recommend if you are concerned with quality to be sure and zoom into the graphics so that way you will also see the banner graphic up close as if it were printed. Very often, a designer will retype information they’ve been supplied when creating a proof. That’s why you need to check every element of the design to make sure it’s correct.

Key areas to check:

  • Spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Contact details (phone numbers, names, email addresses, dates, times)
  • Pictures and logos (are they sharp enough?)
  • Graphic components and images (are all of my images included?)
  • Layout (is the information in the correct spot?)

*Note: Colors in your proof may slightly vary from screen to print. (see why)